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Neil Faith Wrestling,ltd

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Name - Neil Faith

Height - 6'6" / 200 cm

Weight - 270 lbs / 121 kg / 19 1/2 stones

Age - 28 
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Blue
Marital Status - Married
Birthplace - Colchester, England
Resides - West Palm Beach, Florida

Titles Held
- DCW Heavyweight Champion (Current) 
- 1CPW Heavyweight Champion (Current)
- MECW Heavyweight Champion (Current) 
- FCW European Heavyweight Champion
- FCW Tag Team Champion w/ Adam Windsor
- FCW Tag Team Champion w/ Yako
Promotions Worked For
- New Japan Pro Wrestling (Japan)
- Stampede Wrestling (Canada)
- National Wrestling Alliance
- World -1 Fighting arts
- Vintage Wrestling
- Total Wrestling Entertainment
- Main Event Championship Wrestling
- Coastal Championship Wrestling
- Dynamite Championship Wrestling
- NWA South Atlantic
- American Wrestling Alliance
- First Class Pro Wrestling
- Southern Championship Wrestling
- Funking Championship Wrestling
- Independant Championship Wrestling
- WXW (Germany)
- Wrestling UK (UK)
- Irish Whip Wrestling (Ireland)
- NWA-UK  Hammerlock (UK)
- Ultimate Championship Wrestling
- Revolution British Wrestling (UK)
- Old School Edge Wresling
- Southern Wrestling Federation

Finishing Move/s 
"The British Empire"  Corkscrew Tombstone Driver
Trained By
Bruce Hart , The Hart Dungeon , Calgary, Alberta, Canada
New Japan Dojo, Tokyo, Japan
Andre Baker, NWA Hammerlock, England
Also trained in Submission wrestling, Boxing & Brazilian jiu-jitsu
TV Appearances
- BANG TV on Fox 51 ( Florida ) 2001 - 2005 
- BANG TV on The Wrestling Channel (SKY TV)
- New Japan Pro Wrestling Pay Per View at the Tokyo Dome,  5/2/2002 
- IWW TV on Friendly TV ( Sky Digital, England )
- IWW TV on the Wrestling Channel ( England )
- Ulimate Warriors documentary on BRAVO
- New Japan TV on Samurai TV, Japan
- Winter 2001 RAMPAGE Magazine (USA)
- Spring 2002 RAMPAGE Magazine (USA)  
-  Dec   2002 TOTAL WRESTLING Magazine 
-  July   2003 TOTAL WRESTLING Magazine
-  Several Japanese Magazines   
Childhood hero(s) - Christoper Reeve, Hulk Hogan, Bruce Lee.
Favorite Film(s) - Heat, Scarface, The Warriors, Point Break, Lost boys 
Favorite TV Show/Cartoon - Family Guy, American Dad, Rob & Big, Ghost Hunters.
Favorite Actor(s) - Al Pacino, Robert de Niro
Favorite Actress -  Drew Barrymore
Favorite Food -  Sushi, anything japanese
Favorite Cheat Food -  Pizza
Favorite Restaurants -Red Lobster, Japanese steakhouses
Favorite Car(s) -  Ferarri 550, Corvette Z06
Favorite Cologne - Obsession, Cool water
Favorite Vacation spots - Miami beach,FL & Santa Monica, CA 

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