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Neil Faith Wrestling,ltd 2005.

Updated 01/29/2006

waiting for a tag, SWF ocala dec 05

SWF ocala, florida 12/05


Neil Faith Wrestling,ltd. 2005

MMA Fight- High Kick

MMA Fight - Eat This

Vs AOD , SWF ocala 12/05

vs Jon Ryan, NWA-UK Bognor regis, England 2003

Neil Faith Wrestling,ltd 2005

Neil with Bruce Hart in Stu Harts Dungeon, Calgary

in ireland

Top wristlock on PN News, IWW ,Dublin,Ireland 2002

vs PN News

Jon Ryan about to get a brainbuster in training!

vs PN News

Fighting backstage!

neil faith wrestling, ltd. 2005

Frog splash

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